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Skull Gaming DODS team attends TXGF Lan June 29, 2007 11:09 PM | Posted by 45
On June 23-24, 2007 our DODS team went to Texas to compete in the TXGF lan that was held. The first day was the Round Robin which the DOD:s team finished 1st in their bracket with a 3-0 record which placed them in Seed 1 for Double Elim. The second day started the double elimination which consisted of some very tough matches against NS and Pure, But the Skull.DOD:s team got to the finals undefeated where they faced pure on anzio... Unfortuantly our teams record on anzio is not all that great and it showed in the first matchup against pure in the finals where we got beat. Due to that being our first lost we had another chance but the match was to be played on anzio again... The second match though went much better as we did hold our own but due to horrible computers our players kept dropping and the match had to be paused and unpaused twice while it got fixed. In the end the DOD:s team pulled out in 2nd place winning some icemat mousepads and a case of bawls.

Overall the LAN was pretty fun and we are looking foward to the next one.

Members included: Klown, Silverstar, Truth, Pratt, T-Rex, and Z7.

Click HERE to see the pics of the team and lan.
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